Where do my images come from?

When I started my business one of my main concerns was sourcing images.  I went a bit crazy buying pre-filled image templates sized correctly for my jewellery and using these to start with, this however had limitations and not being able to control my images entirely was a major concern.  

After some encouragement I decided to bite the bullet and get a Photoshop subscription, having never used Photoshop before it was a major learning curve!  This however enabled me to be able to offer custom designs and design and source my own images.  The more I use it the more I learn and I hope my designs are getting better as a result, I think so :-)  

It really was the best thing I could have done and changed my life in the same way VLookup's did in my office work, if you don't know what a VLookup is it is a magical Excel formula that allows vertical look ups of data and it truly is a wonderful thing with so many applications and variations.............but that is another story (yes I am an Excel geek).  

One thing I am very aware of is copyright, while I am a little bit naughty sometimes with pop culture images (I am sure you can pick which ones) I would never, ever intentionally rip off a modern artist, model or photographer.  It does annoy me that there are so many people being unoriginal and just copying other amazingly artistic people.  That just doesn't sit right with me, I do find it funny when I am planning a theme and then someone else comes out with it first or visa versa.  I guess sometimes people are on the same wavelength and that is totally cool but blatantly ripping people off isn't :-)   

My images are usually from the following: 

  • Designed by me 
  • A collaboration with an artist
  • A licensed image

I pay a subscription to have access to a wide range of high resolution images I can licence, most of my Steampunk designs were licensed for example.  I also have travelled extensively and have manipulated a lot of my own photographs into images I use in my jewellery (I have a lot of these ready to go that I will eventually get to!). 

I always love doing collaborations with artists as it is lovely to showcase different styles of art and the medium I use makes that so easy to do.  If the image is part of an artistic collaboration I will always mention who the artist is.  I have a few collaborations coming up this year which is rather exciting so keep an eye out :-)  

A lot of classical artwork is public domain and no longer copyrighted, although there is a lot of variation in this, generally if the work is over 100 years old it is OK to use.  I love classic art and plan on doing more in this genre.   

If you ever want to know where an image has come from just ask me! 

Of course if you want to supply me with an image for a custom order I am also happy to use that for you.  Generally people like to use their own personal photographs.  I can also manipulate your images to enhance them or change the texture, colour etc.  I always love doing something that means a lot to you.   

 Thanks for reading.  


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