Tee pre sales

Why pre-sales you may ask, why not have tees in stock and ready to send?  

While I would love to do this I am a very, very small business and I just can't afford to buy all the tees in all the colours and all the sizes!  If I was to have designs in stock then I would only be able to offer one, maybe two colour options and take a punt on sizing preferences. 

As a consumer I would prefer to have more choice so I decided to offer all the available colour options that suit the design rather than me just pick one.  It seems generally my favourite isn't the most popular colour chosen anyway so that probably wouldnt work out :-) 

While this may take a bit longer for you to wait for your tee you can be guaranteed you get exactly what you want.  If I was ordering as I went or buying up front I would also have to charge a lot more than I currently do and I love trying to keep things affordable for people. 

The first five designs that I offered are now available again however this will be the last time until next year at the earliest, as I like to keep things current and fresh.  I have also introduced two new designs with this pre-sale.

I will be commencing a third tee pre-sale in early April, this will be for the two new designs plus my Steampunk ones!  I am happy to hold any orders and combine shipping if you would like to purchase from each pre-sale, as I prefer not to give the post office extra money if I can help it :-) 

What do you think about the pre sales?  Would you prefer your choice of colour or would you rather have only one choice available and for me to have this in stock?  Would you be happier to pay more and only wait for the production time?  

I'd love to hear your thoughts so I can provide the service and products that you want :-)  






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