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Since starting my business I have had to learn a lot!  I thought learning how to make the jewellery and figure out social media was the hardest thing but oh no, what do you know it is the product photographs! 

Don't get me wrong it has taken me a long time to get my images consistently without faults for my jewellery but I could at least see my error rate lessening and lessening, not with the photography however.  Of course I had to choose glass which is so frustrating to photograph and I thought I had to get zero reflections in the image for them to look good, so enter the lightbox. 

Everything I read said to use a lightbox and natural light, which is what I have been doing, but the colours never came out exactly as they were in real life and I want my product photos to look like the actual product. 

After many, many months of frustration (18 to be exact) I finally spent two whole days recently trying different things in addition to different cameras and realised the KISS principle exists for a reason.  Keep it simple stupid!  So I closed the blinds while still letting in some natural light and changed the colour of my backdrop (as I think all the white was washing out the colours) and didn't worry about the reflection too much.  Voila, what do you know this produced the most accurate photo of the image, the settings look a little dark but it is mainly about the image right?  

This piece shows the difference perfectly, the silver doesn't look as bright in the second shot but the green in the image is exactly the tone in the actual brooch!!!  

I now realise that I have been doing my jewellery a massive disservice so I have spent a few days redoing a heap of photographs.  I won't be able to change everything on my website but I am a bit obsessed with trying to do as many as I can.  I am not sure they are 100% yet but it is a definite improvement I think. 

I'd love to know what you think of this approach, do you mind that the settings are a little dark and that there are reflections?

Thanks for reading! 



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