Leap of Faith & Life Changes

At the ripe old age of 44 (I'm 45 in July) I have had many drastic life changes both positive and negative however I truly believe that ultimately the universe provides.  Change, while it can be scary, I have learnt is exhilarating and often provides more opportunities than you initally think.  

My partner, Matt, and I have always lived in Sydney and as avid travellers we have always wanted to experience living somewhere else.  As we are over 30 we unfortunately cannot get a working visa for the UK and other countries offering the 12months working visa to young people, so that pretty much rules out living and working overseas.  Therefore we have decided to leave the overseas destinations for holidays and experience living in another part of Australia! 

Welcome Brisbane!  

We tagged 2018 as the year to move interstate, for non Aussies Brisbane is about 1000kms North of Sydney.  We were hoping to be able to save enough money to move before Christmas, however as life often does things kept popping up that was taking our money so we couldn't save.  Then last month all of our planets seemed to perfecty align........... 

Matt was made redundant from his job with his final date being the end of July, OK scary but maybe this is a good thing?  Then I got notified that I was being made redundant with a final date of 15th June!  It was like the universe was giving us a big neon sign GO NOW, GO NOW!!!!  All of a sudden we knew we would have the money to make the improvements our house needed and be able to move now! 

So exciting!!!!  We are spending a week in Brisbane to look for a place to rent after I finish my job and if all goes well we will be moving in July.  Fingers crossed!  

Now the world just wouldn't be right without positive and negatives so while all of this life changing awesome stuff is happening I was recently diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my hands, bummer.  

I have been having issues with pain in my hands but recently this has gotten a lot worse while doing basic daily things, due to this I needed to know what the cause was.  Osteo arthritis was the outcome which isn't great but hey it can always be worse right? 

Due to this I need to slow down on the amout of jewellery I make in the future as my process is really hard on my hands, luckily I have heaps of designs I have already made that are waiting to be released.  I was always planning on extending my offering of products and again the universe seems to be telling me now is a good time. 

Once I am settled in Brisbane I am hoping to have my tee designs able to be ordered individually, rather than a presale & I also have nail wraps that I have designed waiting in the wings.  Designing is something I really love so I will see what other things I can come up with! 

I have always wanted to have more products available on my website and my dream one day is to have a funky little retail store somewhere.  Is there something you would love to see me source and stock?  If so let me know! 

Thanks for reading and I hope this year is providing some wins for you also :-)  


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  • Amanda on

    Good luck! I loved living in Brisbane, such a great city ! Yay for more tshirt, I love my frida tee

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