Creative Flow

Flow — the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task, is a strong contributor to creativity. When in flow, the creator and the universe become one, outside distractions recede from consciousness and one's mind is fully open and attuned to the act of creating.

When I started my business I was just starting to feel myself again after major depression and creating really helped me a lot,  not having had a creative outlet for many years.   I have also enjoyed the wonderful people I have met, worked with and created meaningful friendships with, that was definitely an unexpected upside from social media as prior to this I was not involved in social media really. 

Last year I started just not being as interested in my jewellery and I really thought maybe I should give it up?  I then started the ideas for my t-shirts and got kind of carried away creating designs (I have about 18 different designs) and working on suppliers etc.  Same with my nail wrap idea, I have created 27 different designs!  

I am so excited about this new direction.  It not only adds something different for both myself and you but it also takes some of the time pressure off me, as my jewellery takes a lot of time to make and get right.  I also work full time in an office, boo!!!  

I am also planning on wholesaling some cool products that I hope you like.  I haven't seen them in Australia as yet and I love new, exciting and colourful things!  

The conclusion I have come to is that I think I just needed a break, as I am now more energised than ever and I am loving making jewellery again!  I have so many designs I am working on (as well as in my head) and I can't wait to bring them to you.  I am so happy to have my creative flow back and to be honest my jewellery is coming out better as it is something I really want to do.  

Life is full of ups and downs and I am still learning at 44 to try to keep on top of it and be kind to myself when I need it!  I am at heart a perfectionist with OCD tendencies and like most people super hard on myself.  I like to be open and honest about myself and life as often in social media we only see the perfect, good times.  Sometimes there is more going on behind the smile and I think it is important to recognise that and say sometimes life is crap.  No one has a perfect life and you know what, I wouldn't want it to be perfect anyway :-) 

Thanks for reading and if you ever feel like life is to much or you have no one to talk to please reach out, not sure how helpful I am but I am a good listener :-) 




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